July 26, 2013 in EVERYTHING, FUN

I got a frantic call from a close friend while I was on set. She had a kidney stone, was scared, and in excruciating pain. We got a friend to pedal as fast as he could from his job downtown to drive her to the hospital. After work I rushed over, but not before getting the largest pizza in all of Chicago. If I was in the hospital, loopy on meds, scared, and in pain I thought that’s what I would want! Good choice Durkin! This is Nico, she’s recovering after all the fun we had in the hospital:)

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July 26, 2013 in TRAVEL

My buddy Nik Jung came to town to assist a photographer on a shoot at Wrigleyville, so he called me up to see if I could assist, also find a 3rd, and 4th. Hell yeah! I love getting to work with great people that also happen to be bffs who are just so on top of it. The shoot went great, even through the rain. Our location was pretty great that day, we were at the Chicago Cubs stadium by ourselves. So good.

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July 8, 2013 in TRAVEL

So I bought a Groupon to a seafood house in Chicago. It was called Mr. Chang’s 34th St Fishery, that sounds like Chinatown Chicago to me. It actually turned out to be a renovated strip club in the suburbs with plastic souvenir cups. Hell yeah. I’ve now since started checking all social media money saving coupon sites exact addresses. Maybe that’s why some deals are too good to be true, they are. It’s in the country. Either way the food was good, and the drive back we watched heat lighting. Not bad for a night on the town.

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